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menu to view various live shots of PIER 39’s K-Dock, the Golden Gate Bridge & Alcatraz.Please contact HD Relay ( for technical support related to the camera presentation.Diana says she took careful notes, counting each respiration.The cub took its last breath on Friday, October 23rd.All sea lions share the instinct to return to rookery islands during this time.However, some non-breeding animals will linger along the coast.The first pups are born by May 25th and the breeding season is over by July 20th.Adult females often remain near rookeries year-round, whereas males and juvenile females move north after the breeding season.

The two animals laid down and died within days of each other.

Explore's live lion cam features Nikita, a female lion.

The dominant male lion established a vast territory for his pride to hunt in.

Any attempts to hose down the osprey cam were discouiraged due to the stress it would place on the ospreys.

But what is clear is that one of the chicks has disappeared.