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Rocca began his career acting on stage in the Southeast Asia tour of the musical Grease (1993) and Paper Mill Playhouse's South Pacific (1994).His first television work was as a writer and producer for the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning children's television series Wishbone. Seuss on the Nickelodeon TV channel and Pepper Ann on the ABC TV network.A Greenwich Village resident, Rocca juggles an active itinerary.One week he’s interviewing grandparents in Connecticut and Michigan (and even throwing out the first pitch at a Detroit Tigers game); the next he’s doing voiceover work for “Ravioli” episodes, interviewing Hugh Jackman for a “Sunday Morning” Tony Awards segment and appearing as a panelist on the NPR quiz show “Wait Wait … ” “Let’s just say it keeps things interesting — until it gets exhausting,” he jokes. “On your tax return where you have to write an occupation, I probably at this point would write, ‘Guy who interviews people and interjects humor where appropriate.’” On “CBS Sunday Morning,” you’ve done everything from a history of work cubicles to a profile of hockey great Bobby Orr. “I like projects where I can fill in the gaps and learn something."I am pretty sure of who I am, but again, let's just say it would be a really good thing right now to be able to speak Spanish and understand that part of the world more, and that part of the country more, especially if you happen to be a descendant of it." Born to a third generation Italian-American father from Leominster, Mass. "I'd like to think that there had been at least one tutorial, because it would be awfully romantic to think that he taught her English, but I am not quite sure that it turned out that way," Rocca adds.and a Colombian mother from Bogotá, Rocca grew up as the youngest of three in a loving, bilingual household in Washington, D. His mother immigrated to the nation's capital in 1956, when she was 28 years old. He fondly remembers being surrounded by his mother's Colombian friends in DC, recalling one friend named Mary de la Cuatra, whose name is similar to the Spanish word, "cuadra," he points out.His work includes cover stories, features, and profiles (such as of Chris Rock and Amy Schumer) with an emphasis on presidential history. In 2012, he became a regular contributor to the then-new CBS This Morning.

And I don't mean that in an airy-fairy, new-agey 'oh, I feel empty' kind of way - no, that would be too much," he told the Latin Post. Instead, "she just wanted to see what the United States was like." While studying English with a cousin, she met Rocca's father, who coincidentally ran an English-language school for foreign students, though he wasn't her teacher. But it wasn’t until this week that the humorist confirmed our suspicions. , a show about “news, views and dudes” hosted by Ben Harvey and Dave Rubin in New York. And then there was Chicago (we saw him there, too, with his trademark glasses and quirky take on culture). We weren’t stalking Mo Rocca, we swear, but we seemed to run into each other a lot – and at gay places and gay events.Behind the lens and underneath a humorous exterior stands a multi-faceted individual and natural-born storyteller whose roots, when unearthed, run deep.Rocca is still humbled by others - a quality that can be attributed to his Colombian and Italian-American ethnicity.