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The 21-year-old singer says her mother's post-divorce behavior was the final straw in their rocky relationship."I look at the things she's released and said about me and I'm like, how could I ever trust her again?

" she explains on , referring to her mother's recent outing of her breast augmentation.

Hulk Hogan sent out a cryptic tweet before the bombshell report dropped and Gawker Media founder and CEO Nick Denton, who has said he is at risk of losing his company because of the lawsuit, was one of the thousands of people who retweeted or favorited the message.

I don't know why my mom would even fall for it."I personally don't like him."However, while her family life may be in turmoil, there is some good news on the horizon for the star."Life has been really rocky, but it's starting to look up," she says, adding that she'd be willing to call a truce if she saw "a soul and personality change" from her mom. In an interview with the National Enquirer, Christiane Plante, best friend to Hulk’s daughter, Brooke, confessed to being the other woman.“My relationship with Terry began at a time when Terry and Linda privately knew their marriage was ending,” Christiane told the tabloid.Linda Hogan dating history and feuds with her ex-boyfriend and ex-husband has always been the subject of news tabloids over the past few years.Apart from that, she is a reality television personality, known best for her role in the American reality television show called Hogan Knows Best.