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Many use popular forums like (a website whose members exchange 400m messages a year) or Tinder (an app that produces 26m matches a day).But there are also more discerning services on offer.In general, it's assumed that if you've dated someone in person for one or more dates, you ought to let her know why it is that you're not going to see her anymore, rather than disappear without a trace.Some women still disappear, but that is pretty much universally considered bad practice.

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A recent Consumer Reports Survey finds the specifics of our society's satisfaction with digital dating sites and apps.

“Dating sites, like other social media thumbing activities, is a good time-suck,” Mc Donald said.

Fern positions itself as a tool of efficiency to help its clients get better quality dates (not just more dates) by offering guidance with its profile management tools.

Consumer Reports recently surveyed almost 115,000 subscribers about their experiences with online dating.

A subset of 96,000 readers were then asked to rate dating apps and sites based on overall satisfaction and satisfaction with features such as privacy settings, amount of information provided about potential dates, and the quantity of matches.